Predator believes that the basis for business growth in an upstream oil and gas company must rely upon the quality and potential deliverability of its subsurface reservoirs.

The Predator management team includes professional geoscientists with many years relevant oil and gas experience in sourcing and developing oil and gas projects. Furthermore the management team is best-placed to understand and to allow for geological risk when delivering their commercial projections.

The management team has worked with many world-class specialists over a number of years and therefore has access to specialist technical support where necessary to address any complex subsurface technical and operational issues.


Our management team has a long "hands-on" history of negotiating with governments, oil majors, operators, joint venture partners service contractors, infrastructure owners and purchasers of hydrocarbons.

We are experienced in assessing the commercial viability of projects and negotiating contractual terms that as far as is possible help mitigate against perceived commercial risks.

We are capable of operating our projects where required and maintaining a high level of financial prudence when assessing capital and operating costs.  


Predator benefits from the strong finance background of its Board. They bring expertise in raising finance for small and mid-cap resource companies at all stages of their development from start-up to field development to trade sale, merger, acquisition and reverse-takeover.

Critically through its standard listing and anticipated near-term production revenues, Predator has access to the funds to enable it to prudently implement its business strategy in an efficient, effective and timely manner.